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Kraus Farmhouse Sink – Sink farms, also known as apron sinks, can be stunning kitchen focal points because they are not merely functional, they are also elegant in a variety of configurations, including urban apartments. Whether you choose white and clean porcelain, glistening copper hammering or the sturdy appearance of the stone, a farm sink is sure to be attractive for many years to come. The installation of a farm sink is different from a typical sink facility, so plan ahead.

Kraus Farmhouse Sink Awesome

Kraus Farmhouse Sink Awesome

Cut around the contours of the countertop templates supplied by the manufacturer. If your kraus farmhouse sink does not come with the insoles. Place a sheet of cardboard on the floor and fix the sink upside down on the surface. Trace the outline with a carpenter’s pencil. Draw another 1/4 inch line inside the original line and cut along the new line. This will be your cutting guide for the opening of the cover. Place the second piece of cardboard against the front side of the sink, also called the “apron”.

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Kraus Farmhouse Sink White
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Kraus Farmhouse Sink Awesome

Trace the contour of the kraus farmhouse sink face. Cut along the actual line (do not redraw a new line) to make this template for the apron opening on the front of the cabinet. Place the carton template over the counter surface where you want the heat sink to be. Draw the outline on the counter with your pencil. Mount the front template, centering it with the top, and crawl around it.

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