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Repair Wood Farmhouse Picture Frames

Farmhouse picture frames – There are many different ways to recondition wooden picture frames. These techniques are useful when wooden frames being dirty, develop spots or stains, cracks or require a new finish. Renovation wooden frames can be as simple as cleaning the frame or may require additional steps such as coating frame or repair the frame. There is no reason to throw a sentimental or old wooden picture frame. And when you can rebuild it and give the frame a new look.

Beautiful Farmhouse Picture Frames

Beautiful Farmhouse Picture Frames

How to repair wood farmhouse picture frames, remove pictures from the frame before you begin any restoration steps to prevent damage to the image. Fill a gallon-sized bowl of warm water and 5 teaspoons of wood oil soap. Use a cleanser that is specifically formulated to clean the wood without damaging the surface of the wood. Dip a wash cloth in the mixture and apply to the wooden frame. Finish cleaning by allowing the frame to dry completely. Apply a small dab of toothpaste to a white spot or blemish on the wooden frame after cleaning and allow the frame to dry.

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After that to repair wood farmhouse picture frames, rub the toothpaste in the white spot with a clean. Then dry washcloth for several minutes. Wipe away toothpaste and then blot the area with a damp cloth to remove any residue of toothpaste. Cut a small hand-sized piece of very fine sandpaper cut. Sand wooden frame with sandpaper to remove any cracks or defects in the wood and to smooth finish. Continue rubbing the frame with sandpaper, rubbing with the grain of the wood until the finish of the frame is smooth. Apply any finish to the ground frame to complete the desired look. This may include paint, stain or a simple wax to maintain the frame.

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