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Awesome Urban Farmhouse Decor

Farmhouse Screen Door Design Ideas

Farmhouse screen door – simple screen doors available at home improvement stores just framed panels with screen wire attached without handles or hinges. To make a screen for an outdoor wood door. And build a wooden door frame panel and outfit it with a screen. The screen will allow breezes while preventing flying insects from entering your home. Build farmhouse screen door frame. Then measure the width and the length of the door opening to the door frame construction to fit perfectly the opening. Use one-by-two-inch wood strips to make the frame or use thicker and wider tree if preferred. Cut two upper and lower horizontal beams of the door frame to the exact measurement of the door opening’s width. If it is 36 inches, then cut two pieces of 36 inches. These will make the top and bottom of the door.

Farmhouse Screen Door Design

Farmhouse Screen Door Design

Build farmhouse screen door frame, remove the vertical measurement of the door opening and cut two pieces of 1-by -2 woods to this length less the width of both top and bottom bars. If your door opening measures 80 inches, then pull the two inches on both the top and bottom of a final measurement of 76 inches for the two vertical pieces.

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Farmhouse Screen Door Ideas
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Best Farmhouse Screen Door Design
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Beautiful Farmhouse Screen Door Design

Use biscuit jointers or toenail final nail to secure pieces together, making sure to countersink the nails. Strengthen each joint with a generous amount of wood glue. While this simple square frame is enough to complete screen. And also strength frame with a horizontal crossbar about midway down the door. Add short vertical bars between the center bar and the lower bar to protect the lower part of the screen door from children and pets. Using wood glue, biscuit jointers or toenail pieces in place. Possibility of drying time before you put the screen wire. Perform your farmhouse screen door frame with an exterior paint or stain before attaching the screen.

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